Heroes of our time.

What is the current situation in the sphere of war between accountants and players? Are there people to follow today? Fortunately, despite major changes in the game itself and the contraction of casino players, blackjack remains alive and very popular. Thanks again to Edward Thorp.

We are now living in the Internet age. If Uston, at the time, managed to stand out from the crowd just because of his self-splitting and publicity, now everyone can easily communicate with the blackjack stars.

Peter Griffin – is a great mathematician, developer of blackjack theory, now the deceased. No black jack expert would say a word without referring to Griffin. Arnold Snider is a prominent player, strategy developer, author of many books. A man with an excellent soul, with a perfect sense of humor, always contradictory. Stanford Wong as always a little reserved and introverted, but extremely scrupulous and always struggling against the casino. Don Schlesinger was able to explain the most intricate details of blackjack in simple, clear language.

The Internet is abundant in many resources, where you can find the best players in the world and ask the question you want. There are still many unanswered questions.

Many unique books have been published; new game systems and techniques are being developed sports betting sites. Every day, the gaming forums answer and ask thousands of questions. Players are becoming more polite, intelligent and well prepared. Despite the evident worsening of the rules, blackjack can still be won.

The casino is increasingly paranoid for “Advantage” players. Attempts to make the rules and terms of the game worse, even at the expense of their own reputation and profits, mass blacklists, efforts to legalize laws beneficial to them – all of this is not just American. During half a century of fighting, the casinos didn’t understand that they were slitting their own throat. The fact that you can win at blackjack attracts a lot of money. More than 1% of players worldwide hardly risk casinos. However, in order to save every dollar, casinos are spending millions of dollars on the most advanced computer technologies, personality identification programs, computer databases, creating new devices to fight counters. Moral ethical standards are often violated and legal limits are violated.

Happy ending.

What future do you have for a common accountant? So far, there are only two opposing opinions.

The gloomy:

Technologies will kill the game. Casinos will develop some dirty electronic trick that will not allow a competent professional player to gain an advantage. Blackjack will die turning into another slot machine. Casinos will nudge all players, all blacklists will be joined into a common one and the game will with advantage no longer exist.

The optimist:

“What one person built, the other can easily dismantle.” Blackjack just can’t get away from it!

First, players will always continue to invent something new, responding to changes in the game. There is no such thing created by one person that cannot be exaggerated by another person. Second, casinos must finally realize that much of their profits are due to the theory that blackjack can be won. The transformation of this intellectual game into fights with stupid slots will deprive casinos of money.

Personally, I hope the human intellect wins. Let the war between the casinos and the players continue forever. Let both parties get involved in how to beat each other. May this fight be vehement, but honest and respectful to the rival.