You’ve loved horses all of your own life, perhaps you did a road riding being a teenager and perhaps you’d the occasion to rekindle your love of horses in life. Afterward the evening came on your late fifty’s you had a opportunity to buy your first horse. Can you old to take on this lovely, majestic, powerful animal?

Inside my own opinion, you’re perhaps not, I mention that because I moved to this country in 57 and purchased my own first horse in 5 8. What did I believe once I was picking out my horse? First I believed of everything I was capable of , with that my your mind I presumed that I wouldn’t want an horse within 15hh, anything bigger compared to that makes for a larger fall and possible broken bones.

My next consideration was that the horses era and character, a nice old bomb-proof horse that I could facilitate myself back in to adoring . Then there is strain I was not fussed concerning breed, only since a teenager I rode lots of unique breeds, and calm a horse would be more about how exactly they are treated and trained maybe not exactly the strain.

I used to be thinking Quarter horse or Standardbred, ” I leased a standard-bred in my 30’s and he was very composed but he would be quite stubborn. 1 strain I had never considered was that a ThoroughbredI thought this strain could possibly be far more than my mind and out of what I had seen viewing horse racing, my thought was so far too highly-strung because of me personally.

After taking all the above into consideration I began looking for the dream horse, also I identified him. It didn’t take very long for me to fall in love with a horse I found within a advertisement on Facebook. This can be really where I began questioning my sanity, this horse is 16.1hh 11 yr old off the trail thoroughbredthat he had not been staged because his racing times and I didn’t know if he had been sound.

In fact that I didn’t care, ” I dropped in love with all the horse at the A D and I dropped much more in love once I met . Yeah so he’s a thoroughbred, ” he needs re-educating and a joy horse he really is green, but so am I. I was able to experience feisty horses but that I was 16 maybe not 5 8… so I question myself”What would be you really considering” my solution is how that I was not believing , I only knew that this boy was because of me.

So today the next question is am I too green and also old spin on this mammoth task to acquire my horse seem adequate to work with and ride. When I’d no expertise with horses at all perhaps it can be too large a task for me personally. If there was no such matter as the internet then again it can be too huge an activity for me personally. The thing is I feel I can do so and that I really love and hope my son and that I know he loves and trusts me.

Another thing to consider is fitness, I am not overly fussy but also to start preparation I have to move up my fitness which I am focusing online now. Age is just a number, if you have the fire, the love and also the devotion practically nothing is hopeless. Learn how to learn your horse and pay attention and consistently make security a priority, horses are big powerful animals and are able to do us a few severe injury, even though unintentionally.